Why Worry Lane gives area residents a reason to worry

People living on one Phoenix street are worried about their street's name, which is, ironically, "Why Worry Lane".

So, why are residents worrying?

The street's name is drawing a lot of attention, and the street can also "go nameless" for periods of time.

The neighborhood Why Worry Lane is situated contains many homes that are valued as well over $500,000, and many say it's a great neighborhood, but with the peculiar name also comes some unwanted attention.

"The sign gets taken frequently," said one person living in the area.

Time after time, neighbors said they've woken up on Why Worry Lane, with no signs in sight. Miriam Sells has lived in the area the longest, and is no stranger to seeing city workers who handle street sign replacements. When she calls to report a missing sign, she said workers are never shocked. She said the city has kept a stockpile of "Why Worry Lane" signs, since theft happens with such frequency.

The average cost of replacing a sign is $160, but the city does not track how many times they have replaced a sign for a street.

Sells, however, has.

"Hundreds of time in the 24 years I've lived here," said Sells.

That means tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars have gone towards replacing stolen street signs.

The City of Phoenix has set up a street maintenance hotline for people to report missing street signs. To file a report, call (602) 262-6441.