Will showering with your kid scar them for life?

Maybe you started to shower with your toddler because it's easier to tote them in with you versus suds them up solo later. Or they suddenly decided they hate baths. Perhaps, culturally, it's the norm in your family. Or it's just your specific parenting style.

Showering with your kiddo isn't wrong or right -- it's a decision to make based on what's best for your family. That said, if you're struggling to make this decision, there are a few factors to consider first.

One: safety. "Wet babies are slippery and there's the risk of your toddler falling," Dr. Marilyn Bull, a professor of pediatrics at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, told Fox News. Keep that in mind and take basic safety measures, like not picking them up in the shower.

Around age 2, kids begin to realize there's a physical difference in development between a man and a woman, Dr. Sarah Bauer, a developmental pediatrician at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, told Fox News.

If you're worried about their reaction to seeing mommy or daddy naked, think about what and how you want to teach your child about modesty and privacy. "Ask: will showering together help or hinder those intentions?" Meg Akabas, parenting educator and author of "52 Weeks of Parenting Wisdom," told Fox News.

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