Woman celebrates century mark birthday with the AZ Cardinals

Delma Graham was seen posing next to Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald. She's a resident of Sun Lakes and just celebrated a major milestone, she just turned 100-years-old.

Delma chose to celebrate the century mark with her favorite football team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Delma Graham turned 100 years old Tuesday, and to celebrate, she made her first-ever visit to the University of Phoenix Stadium. There, the Cardinals rolled out the red carpet, giving Delma a custom jersey and card and taking her right on the field to meet some of her favorite players.

The Arizona Cardinals just added one more to the roster: 100-year-old, Delma Graham.

"Before they built the stadium, i was a Cardinal fan," Delma said Graham.

Delma moved to the valley in 1960, and Wednesday was her first chance to see inside University of Phoenix Stadium. She was a regular when the team played at ASU's Sun Devil Stadium.

"This stadium is so much better than theirs, there's no comparison," she said.

The birthday girl received a special treat, sideline seats for Cards training. Once on the field she met roster favorites including Quarterback Carson Palmer.

Coach Jen Welter was one of the dozens to sign Delma's custom birthday card. Larry Fitzgerald also got an earful from Delma as she offered him pre-season strategy.

"The Cardinals have been amazing to us, and they were so gracious with making this happen. I'm just beyond words," said Suzi Collins, Delma's granddaughter.

Delma's birthday visit was clearly a touchdown but still has one more birthday wish.

"For the Cardinals to go all the way to the Super Bowl, and win," said Graham.

Delma told us that Larry Fitzgerald is her favorite player because of all the work he does in the community. Saturday night, Delma's family will have a party for her where they'll be watching the Cards play the Chiefs.