Woman found dead near Utah trail; Cell phone captured tragic final moments

Utah authorities have identified a woman who was found dead near a trail and they believe her cellphone may have captured her last moments. 

The Utah County Sheriff's Office said on June 7, hikers found a small dog alone with a cell phone and personal items near Horsetail Falls in the mountains above Alpine in Utah County.  

Worried that someone could have fallen into the nearby creek, the hikers found video on the phone that showed a young woman near the water when she was swept away by the heavy flow. 

The victim was identified as 19-year-old  Cynthia Ann Grimwood.  Her body was found stuck under some trees in the water near the falls. 

Deputies said the area where they found her body was full with heavy snow melt runoff and conditions were treacherous.

First responders had trouble getting to the site and had to pause recovery efforts until the following morning, but stayed in the area overnight. 

An autopsy is scheduled. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.