Women’s History Month special on LiveNOW from FOX showcasing women in the military: How to submit a photo

In honor of Women’s History Month, LiveNOW from FOX is honoring female veterans and active duty service members

During the first hour of each Sunday in March, the news outlet will highlight a different topic, including women in sports, politics, history, and of course, the military

On March 24, during LiveNOW’s "Women in the Military" special, photos of women serving in the military will be featured. 

According to the news outlet, you can send in pictures and comments about a woman in the military who has made a positive impact in your life, along with their name and title in the service. 


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"You just might see them live on our broadcast, March 24th," LiveNOW said in a statement. 

The deadline to submit a photo is on March 20 at noon ET. You can email your pictures and comments to livenow@fox.com.

"We look forward to receiving your photos! Thank you to everyone in the military for their service," LiveNOW added. 

Women’s History Month explained

March 1 marks the beginning of Women’s History Month and this year’s theme celebrates women who advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion, according to the National Women’s History Alliance, a nonprofit that spearheaded the movement for March to be Women’s History Month in the United States. 

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"The theme recognizes women throughout the country who understand that, for a positive future, we need to eliminate bias and discrimination entirely from our lives and institutions," the National Women’s History Alliance website reads.

Throughout March, and 2024, the group encourages people to recognize the women who are committed to embracing everyone in "our common quest for freedom and opportunity." 

"It takes courage for women to advocate for practical goals like equity, diversity and inclusion when established forces aim to misinterpret, exploit or discredit them. Throughout 2024, we honor local women from the past and present who have taken the lead to show the importance of change and to establish firmer safeguards, practices and legislation reflecting these values. Following decades of discrimination, we are proud to celebrate women who work for basic inclusion, equality and fairness," the nonprofit said. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.