101-year-old Diamondbacks superfan throws out ceremonial 1st pitch

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The ceremonial first pitch at the Arizona Diamondbacks game on Wednesday is being thrown out by a very special fan, and this fan may be one of the biggest and perhaps the oldest.

It all started when s 101-year-old Dorothy Wisherd used her medical alert system after falling. Thanks to the Mesa Fire Department and a DBacks executive, Wisherd's biggest dream came true on Wednesday.

"Overhanded or underhanded, I can do either one," said Wisherd.

Wisherd was recently featured on the A&E cable network show Live Rescue. The Mesa Fire Department was called to her home for a lift assist when she said she wanted to finish watching the game.

"The biggest thing was she wanted to get back to the Diamondbacks game," said Cpt. Steve Heyer with Mesa Fire. "She didn't care about us being there. She was just like I have to get back to the game, they're winning 12-4."

As it turns out, Joe Garagiola Jr., a special advisor to Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall, was watching the episode. He was shocked by how big of a fan Wisherd is. She hasn't missed a Diamondbacks game in 17 years, and has even documented the games in notebooks every year. He knew he had to get her to the ballpark.

"She has a notebook that she kept for every year since 1998. I guarantee you, nobody who worked for the team, myself included, has notebooks like that," said Garagiola Jr.

"See who plays, what the score is, the pitcher and the catcher, the one who announces it, it's all in there," said Wisherd.

From the pitchers mound or from the comfort of her home, Wisherd is just happy to be close to her Diamondbacks.

"It passes a lot of time away for me because I have to sit so much," said Wisherd. "You know, passes away the time."

Wisherd's favorite player is Jake lamb. She said she picks a new favorite every year to cheer extra loud for.