Hundreds of kids take part in NFL camp in Glendale

350 kids learned the fundamentals of life from an NFL Hall of Famer at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

"You can be successful, do whatever you want, dream bit, but do it with character and integrity; really treat those people around your siblings, your parents, your teachers, your coaches, treat them with respect," said former Cincinnati Bengals player Anthony Munoz. "They want what's best for you."

Anthony Munoz hosts NFL Play 60 Character Camps across the country.

"Get out, exercise, eat well, but then what it means to be a person of character," he said. "We teach them about certain character traits, how to be respectful, how to be responsible."

The kids range from second to eight grade and Munoz says that's so they can instill important lessons at a vital stage in life.

"When I first started doing this, I wanted to get them before high school," he said. "I wanted to get them fourth, fifth, sixth grade and then middle school."

This is the first camp for Angel Chavez.

"My principal thought it would be a good idea to bring us to the camp to learn about the Cardinals and do some things outside," he said.

Angel says he's also excited for football.

"Playing outside and running and playing football," he said.

Munoz says he hopes the kids walk away from today saying something like this.

"I prefer that they don't leave saying, 'Hey, we went to this great football camp,'" he said. "I want them to leave and say, 'Do you know that we went to this camp learned some football and they taught us what it means to be a person of character and integrity and they want us to stay healthy by exercising and eating well and regardless of where we come from we have to work together.'"