Chandler women heading to Texas with donations for Harvey animal victims

Pound after pound of horse feed is loaded onto a trailer in Chandler, and it's just some of the donations that have been coming in after two women saw the destruction in Texas and the animals it impacted.

"They're stuck... they can't event get animals out because there's so much water that we're actually having to coordinate people with boats just to get this to the people with animals," Rebecca Morgan said.

So, Rebecca Morgan and her friend, Morgan Sonin, knew they had to do something. They set up a Facebook page and are planning to head down to Texas with donations for distressed animals.

Whether it be feed for goats or horses, even medical supplies and fly spray, they've talked to people in the hardest hit areas who need whatever help they can get.

"We started on Monday... I don't think I have slept since Monday," Morgan said.

The support they've seen has been huge, from the public to animal supply stores like shoppers, even Starbucks donated some items for the women to raffle off on Facebook.

They still need more help, more trucks for a convoy, and more trailer to carry it all. The women are determined to do what they can to show the Lone Star State that they're not alone.

"My 6-year-old son, we're taking him out of school on Friday," Sonin said. "I really just want him to see that this is the time where we really need to pull together and help each other out."

Hurricane Harvey Animal Donations