Evacuee dog lost in Georgia during Irma goes home

A Florida woman who evacuated to Georgia due to Hurricane Irma is reunited with her lost dog. Faith the dog went missing in the Fayetteville area following a car crash.

Faith had been missing since the Sept. 12 accident. Initial efforts to find her were not successful and her owner, Jasmine Valquez, had to eventually go back to Daytona Beach to take her care of her home. But Sunday night, Valquez was reunited with her beloved dog Faith, who had been missing for 12 days.

The Fayetteville Police shot video of the reunion. It was a moment which may have not been possible if not for a very dedicated Georgia woman is dedicates her time finding missing pets.

"I wish you have gotten my reaction there because I probably scared the crap out of Lovy who found her because I lost my mind. I just can't believe it. Just could not believe it. I had faith pun intended," Valquez said.

Valquez is talking about Lovy Myers and her pet recovery services. Meyers heard about Faith and went on a crusade to find the missing dog.

"I knew she didn't have any close family here and that she wouldn't be able to come back and the longer the dog was out there, the more chance it can get ran over or somebody takes it in. As soon as I finished with another case I started on this one," said Myers.

Meyers posted signs, put up cameras, and began tracking Faith. Then she got the call from someone inside IHOP. They told Myers they could see Faith laying in the grass near the restaurant.

"By the time I got here, the dog had moved down into this neighborhood behind here. A homeowner, she had out a golden retriever in the yard, and faith loves other dogs, so she ran over to the golden. Because they'd seen my sign they knew it was the missing dog so they were able to put a leash on her, so when I got here all I had to do was talk her into getting into the car," said Myers.

Valquez said she cannot thank Myers enough.

"I can't even imagine the world has these types of people. It makes me so happy," said Valquez.

Valquez brought Faith back to her Florida home Monday and surprised her son, who had no idea she was picking up their lost pet.

Anyone who would like to donate to Lovy Myers' efforts to find lost pets can click here.

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