Valley schools donate water bottles to Hurricane Harvey victims

Both Madison Highland Prep locations, one in Phoenix and the other campus in Surprise, are collecting water to donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

A teacher at the Surprise campus saw all of the video coming out of the southeast Texas area and wanted to do something to help. He contacted Dr. Kerry Clark, who's the principal at the Phoenix locations, and the executive director of the Surprise campus and they came up with a plan.

"One of the things we do at Madison Highland Prep, one of the things that is a part of Highland Prep in Surprise is that we want our kids to tie themselves to causes that are bigger than themselves," Dr. Clark said. "We want our school to be involved in the community, we want our students to be community change agents, we want student leadership, so boy, what more of an important cause at the moment than this one."

The goal is 100,000 bottles of water and all of it will be sent over to Texas using donated Mini Nobles.

Dr. Clark just got word that the Surprise Police Department is joining in as well.

Madison Highland Prep Hurricane Harvey Donations