'The Masked Singer' reveal: No 'sunshine day' for Mummies, Fortune Teller

It was TV theme night for Wednesday’s episode of "The Masked Singer," and as the headline reads, it was no "sunshine day" for the Mummies and Fortune Teller.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 8, episode 3, of "The Masked Singer.

The top-secret singing competition show featured many fun television moments, including a sweet tribute by panelist Robin Thicke, who performed the "Growing Pains" theme song in honor of his late dad, actor Alan Thicke.

Tori Spelling from "Beverly Hills 90210" and Jodie Sweetin from "Full House" even made appearances to share clues. 

During Season 8 of "The Masked Singer," there are multiple unmaskings every week. Find out who was unmasked this week below:

The Mummies

The Mummies were the first to be unmasked, with Thicke and fellow panelist Nicole Scherzinger guessing correctly.  

They were revealed to be the "Brady Bunch" brothers Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland.

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The Mummies are pictured just before their big reveal on Season 8, episode 3, of "The Masked Singer," "TV Theme Night," which aired Oct. 5, 2022, on FOX. (Credit: FOX)

"It was thrilling to be together performing," Williams told host Nick Cannon after the reveal. "We haven’t performed together like this since the ‘Brady’ days, originally... The audience has been terrific and the judges are very sharp. You’re very sharp!"

After, the trip performed the "Brady Bunch" classic song, "It’s a Sunshine Day."

Fortune Teller

Next on the chopping block was Fortune Teller, who was revealed to be FUBU founder and "Shark Tank" star Daymond John. 

"It is such an honor to be here," John told Cannon during his interview — to which Cannon quickly added: "We’ve known each other for a very long time!"

"I used to go to the office of FUBU and beg for clothes in the ‘90s. I had FUBU everything," Cannon continued. 

"Did you know who it was, Nick?" asked panelist Jenny McCarthy. 

Cannon replied, "At first I didn’t, and then when I actually got to see him walk I was like, ‘I know who that is.’ But when he was in there I had no idea. The performance threw me off and everything."

John chose to sing "Movin’ on Up" from "The Jeffersons," and noted how the character George Jefferson inspired him to become such a successful businessman. 

"As a young man growing up, as a person of color, I didn’t get to see people that looked like me on TV that didn’t have anything to do with music or sports," John said. "But being a short guy and moving up to the East Side from New York, George Jefferson made me want to become a shark."

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