1 life down, 8 to go: Police officers gently rescue kitten with head stuck in peanut butter jar

A small kitten found himself in a sticky situation when his “hankering for peanut butter” ended in a classic head-stuck-in-jar scenario.

That’s when the heroes stepped in. Police officers in Santa Rosa, California came to the tiny feline’s rescue, gently coaxing his ensnared head from the jar.

The rescue was chronicled in a post on the police department’s Facebook page.

“Last night an SRPD Officer was flagged down by citizens about a kitten in distress,” the post read. “The little kitty had a hankering for some peanut butter and got his head stuck in a peanut butter jar and was running out of air. The officer used his tactical medical scissors to cut open the jar and free the little kitty.”

In the video, a careful officer performs the delicate task of pulling the jar from the kitten’s head as another officer holds the feline steady.

Within minutes, the kitten’s head is freed and the officers offer a quick pet before the cat decides he has somewhere else to be — urgently.

“Needless to say, as we approach Thanksgiving, this little fur ball is thankful he still has 8 lives left,” the Santa Rosa Police Department wrote.