1 year after saving choking baby during traffic stop, SC deputy becomes her godfather

A South Carolina sheriff's deputy made headlines last year when he saved the life of a 12-day-old baby who was choking.

Body cam video showed Cpl. William Kimbro pulling a speeding car over on June 11, 2019. But once the vehicle stopped, one of the passengers told him they were rushing the infant to the hospital after she was found choking and had stopped breathing.

Kimbro immediately jumped into action, telling them, "Let me have the baby." He then massaged little Ryleigh's chest and managed to open the baby's airway by inserting his finger into her mouth.

“Come on, come on baby. She’s breathing as long as she’s crying like that she’s breathing but I’m worried about her because it looks like she’s going in and out,” he could be heard saying.

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Kimbro cleared the infant's airways of saliva and tapped on her chest to keep her awake. Much to the deputy's relief, Riley began crying.

“She’s okay, I think she’s going to be okay,” Kimbro said.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office awarded Kimbro the "Life-Saving Medal" for his actions.

But the happy story doesn't end there.

Exactly one year later, Ryleigh's family surprised Kimbro and his wife, asking them to be the little girl's godparents.

"An awesome update, from an elated officer," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook.