101-year-old man survives Spanish Flu, World War II and COVID-19

It's safe to say 101-year-old Milton Zaczek of Prescott has lived through more than most.

Zaczek can still remember the gunfire in World War II.

"One of my co-soldiers next to me was shot in the leg, so I went down and dragged him out of the line of fire," said Zaczek.

He can still remember being a young boy born shortly after the Spanish Flu pandemic started.

"I was very sick, and my brother came home from work and my mother told him I had a very high fever," said Zaczek.

Now, Zaczek can add COVID-19 survivor to his list of life accomplishments. He thinks he caught it at his birthday in November.

"I was supposed to go out for a drive with my friend, and I called him and told him 'I don’t think I can make it, I’m awful sick,'" said Zaczek.

Zaczek spent time in the hospital, and was able to recover at home. He's an outlier for his age group, as COVID-19has proven to be deadlier in the 85 and older age group.

Zaczek wasn’t going to let this one be his last battle.

"Try to be humble to other people and care about them and know they have problems, too," said Zaczek. "We can share each other’s problems and love each other, and know that we care about each other and try to help each other out."

Zaczek thanked his doctors at the VA, and now he’s ready to get back out there and do one of his favorite things: explore Arizona.