2 dead, 1 injured after shooting at Missouri City warehouse

Two people are dead and another is injured after a worker opened fire inside a business in Missouri City.

It happened at the Ben E. Keith Distribution Center on Cravens Road near Gessner. Missouri City police say a female worker at Ben E. Keith opened fire on her colleagues, killing a manager and also shooting a fellow employee before she too died from a gunshot.

It was around 2:15 a.m. Monday when shots rang out at the distribution center, leaving 31-year-old manager Francisco Reyes dead and 29-year-old Fedencio Janas shot in the leg with non-life threatening injuries. Missouri City police say it was Ben E. Keith employee 29-year-old Kristine Peralez who opened fire at her job, but why?

"Apparently this person has posted some things on social media. Until we get an opportunity to review that I don't want to speak to their motives," explains Missouri City Police Chief Michael Berezin. There were 20-25 employees working the overnight shift when Reyes and Janas were gunned down.

Psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini says it's highly unusual for women to carryout workplace shootings.

"We don't really have profiles of women specifically because they're so rarely the shooters." As investigators win Missouri City search for a motive, Rapini says female shooters typically fit a specific description.

"For women it's mostly revenge and envy and you'll see more of a history of domestic abuse. Either they were raised in domestic abuse or they're participating in it now," says Rapini.

We have confirmed Peralez's husband also works at Ben E. Keith. Until the autopsy results are released, police won't say for sure if Peralez died as a result of shooting herself or if she was shot by an officer after she had a shootout near the loading dock with a Missouri City police officer.

FOX 26 was there when Peralez's father-in-law saw her final Facebook video for the very first time.

"I'm devastated," said Tito Peralez said. "It's like being victimized twice in one day."

Peralez starts her video post by saying, " This is your fault."

"What does she mean by this is your fault," her father-in-law wonders.

Peralez names no one and her next statement leads viewers to believe she had already allegedly killed her 31-year-old manager Francisco Reyes and shot and wounded her 29-year-old coworker Fedencio Janas in the leg.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want it to end like this," Peralez said in the video.

"She's a real sweet nice person and that's what strikes me as kind of strange because she's always laughing having a good time," Tito Peralez said.

In the video, Kristine Peralez goes on to say "tell my grandmother I love her I'm not crazy I've been pushed too hard for too long."

"She looks like she's sweating," her father-in-law said.

After the other employees were gunned down, Peralez died from a gunshot wound.

It's not known yet if she committed suicide or was shot by police.

"She was always nice to me and always loving and caring," said Peralez's 14-year-old step son Chris.

"I don't know what triggered her to do this. I don't know what the manager did that convinced her to do such a thing," Chris Peralez said.

Tito Peralez says his son, who also works at Ben E. Keith Distribution Center in Missouri City, is devastated.

"We're so sorry for the family this happened to," he said. "Geez if I'm in shock I can't imagine what they're going through."