2 officers shot in Prince George's County, police say

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Two police officers were shot in Forestville Wednesday night, Prince George's County police say.

The shooting happened at around 10:30 p.m. at the Lorring Park Apartments on Lorring Drive as a team of officers was executing a search warrant related to a drug investigation at an apartment.

Prince George's County police spokesperson Jennifer Donelan said the nine-person team from the Special Operations Division knocked on the door of an apartment, but received no response. The officers then used a device to gain entry into the apartment. However, once the door opened, they encountered a person with a shotgun who fired at them.

One officer was wounded in the hand while the other injured officer was struck in the shoulder area, Donelan said. Another officer returned fire, but did not hit the suspect. A tactical medic on the team then proceeded to administer medical assistance to the injured officers.

The rest of the officers entered the apartment where the suspect surrendered, police said. Another person in the apartment, who is believed to be a witness, was also taken into custody.

According to officials, both officers were taken by ambulance to a nearby school. They were then placed in a Maryland State Police helicopter and flown to the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore with what are believed to be non-life-threatening injuries. One of the injured officers was in serious condition.

"We could be talking about a completely different situation based on what they encountered when they got into that apartment, so we are very, very, very relieved tonight that both of our officers are alive," said Donelan.