2 people die in apparent electrocution after trying to steal copper wire, Phoenix police say

A man and woman are dead in an apparent electrocution in north Phoenix after police say they attempted to steal some copper wiring.

The Phoenix Fire Department says the incident happened near 23rd and Peoria Avenues on June 15.

"Phoenix Firefighters responded to reports of two people who were possibly electrocuted after coming in contact with in ground electrical wires," the department said.

The unidentified victims were pronounced dead at the scene. Just over a week later, they've been identified as Kenneth Meyer, 37, and Amber Quinn, 27.   

Police said they found a man and woman dead next to the exposed wires, and that evidence from the scene made it appear that they had tried to steal some copper wiring before they died.

The cause of death will ultimately be determined by a medical examiner.

Crews from APS also responded to the scene to make sure power was down in the area for the safety of firefighters.