2 puppies rescued at Canyon de Chelly in northeastern Arizona given 2nd chance at life

Once, these puppies were lifeless and the only thing between them and the snow was a cardboard box that they were tucked inside of in the middle of a campground at Canyon de Chelly.

The puppies were just 3-weeks-old and it's a miracle that a park ranger found them when she did.

"Cold to the touch when they were initially found," said Michael Morefield of the Arizona Animal Welfare League. "She wrapped the puppies in her jacket, rushed back to her cabin, turned on the oven underneath and used the ambient heat to heat the pot on top."

Not too long after, the puppies started to cry, so the park ranger knew they were alive.

For the last five weeks, they have been cared for by the Arizona Animal Welfare League. At 8-weeks-old, the once-frozen pups have even been named -- Anna and Elsa --- from the movie "Frozen."

"They're sisters. They're in love. They're supportive and they're extremely strong," Morefield said. "They have to be named after the 'Frozen' characters."

The dogs are full of life and now are up for adoption at the Arizona Animal Welfare League at the Chandler Fashion Center.