2 West Valley women arrested, accused of running a house of prostitution

A house of prostitution disguised as a spa was shut down by Goodyear Police. Now, the two women arrested will face several charges.

Detectives investigated the business for six months, going undercover and using surveillance to watch the suspects, but even more shocking was that the alleged prostitution happening so close to families.

"It says massage, but after everything that I’d seen, I knew something else had to be going on. Like, it just didn’t seem normal 'cause me and my boyfriend would only ever see men going in," said Hayley Swanson. She said she couldn't help but be suspicious about the so-called massage spa feet away from her apartment.

"My boyfriend makes fun of me," said Swanson. "I’m always nosy about it. I knew something wasn’t right."

Since March 11, Goodyear Police have been investigating 50-year-old Jennifer Ditchoff and 38-year-old Silvia Ledezma-Lopez. The two are suspected of maintaining a house of prostitution on W. Van Buren Street, near N. Litchfield Road.

"We go to the park, take our dog out and play outside, but knowing that is scary," said Beatriz Hernandez.

In May, detectives starting doing "John stops", watching male customers go in and stopping them for interviews after they left. Police say multiple men admitted to being offered sexual acts. Undercover detectives also claimed Ditchoff and Ledezma-Lopez offered "full services" that cost nearly $400.

From November of 2018 to April of 2019, detectives reviewed the bank account of Ditchoff and her husband, and officials say a total of over $35,000 came in and out during that time. Police say Ditchoff completed dozens of money transfers worth thousands of dollars to people in the U.S. and South Africa.

Investigators believe Ledezma-Lopez helped Ditchoff run the parlor. After the arrests of both women, police say Lopez admitted to knowing about sexual acts offered.

Meanwhile, residents are relieved the parlor is shut down.

"To see, like, men parking and getting in. I saw a guy coming in he was a regular," said Hernandez.

FOX 10 has reached out to the owner of the complex to see what she knew, but the owner has yet to reply.

Goodyear Police submitted the case to the Attorney General's office, which says it is under review.