2-year-old Gilbert girl becoming social media star

At two years of age, a Valley toddler is already becoming a social media star.

Mila Stauffer is featured in a number of adorable, funny videos where she "rants" about different topics, and the videos are proving to be very popular, having been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube.

It all began with her mother, Katie Stauffer's Instagram page, which was already successful in its own right. Katie never really posted videos until her first one starring Mila, and after she posted it, her followers went from 100,000 to 1 million in just a matter of days.

"She is, she's a little sassy and she loves to act," said Katie. "That's why we kept doing them because she likes to do them and it's just funny to see. Even if we're telling her what to say, it's funny to see her, a two-year-old have that emotion."

There's a series of videos all with millions of views on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In one video. Mila is complaining about the Arizona heat, and in another, she was complaining about airport security. In many of the videos, Mila blames "Charles".

Who's Charles? Her older brother.

Mila's older sister, Kaitlin, is behind the camera. Besides filming the vide, she also edits them, and makes sure the punch lines are right on time.

"We'll start thinking about a topic, or she'll start talking about something random, and she'll say some cute stuff and I'll tell her to say a few more things to make it make more sense or to make it more funny," said Kaitlin Stauffer. "It's probably half her and half me."

Katie said she has received a lot of feedback from people on Facebook and Instagram about how the videos brighten their day. As a result, she wants to keep doing them and posting them, but only as long as Mila wants to.