3 arrested following neglect allegations involving quadriplegic man outside of hospital

We have learned that Phoenix Police officers have arrested three people, after an Arizona mother accused Valleywise Hospital of neglecting her quadriplegic son.

The incident, according to our initial report, happened outside Valleywise Health's Maryvale campus on June 14.

"See, this is my son. Why did they throw you here?" Cessie Garcia was heard saying, in a video that documented what happened.

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Garcia's son, Jesus Gomez, was reportedly found half-naked on the ground outside the hospital, after Phoenix Fire paramedics took Gomez to Valleywise. At the time, Gomez said he was having issues with his catheter.

"A doctor came," said Gomez. "They looked at me, they wrote down my name, they wrote down all my information. They gave me a shot, and then they said ‘alright come on. Let’s go. Let's get out of here.'"

Gomez said as he was waiting, three security guards came up asking for his name, phone number and address. Gomez said he was in a lot of pain and felt dizzy. He also suffers from a brain injury, and was unable to remember that information. That’s when Gomez claimed the three security guards started pushing his wheelchair out of the hospital.

"Just pushed me all the way across the street on the wheelchair, threw me off the wheelchair on the floor at the park. They walked away," said Gomez.

While on the ground, Gomez reportedly suffered severe swelling and blistering from ants. Paramedics later took him to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where he was admitted for six days and underwent surgery for his original catheter issue.

In a statement released at the time of our initial report, officials with Valleywise said:

"While we cannot discuss individual patient cases due to patient privacy rules (HIPAA), Valleywise Health remains committed to providing exceptional care, every patient, every time. In the event an issue arises that’s not in line with our mission, we take steps to improve outcomes for all patients and modify any policies or procedures to ensure safe and top quality care."

Suspects identified in court documents

According to court documents we obtained, the three people arrested in connection with the incident have been identified as 39-year-old Eric Anthony Espinoza, 53-year-old Luis T. Garcia, and 37-year-old Kalen Lange Powell.

According to a statement released by Phoenix Police on Aug. 30, the three were indicted by a state Grand Jury on Aug. 21, and were arrested on Aug. 25.

All three, according to court documents, are accused of physical abuse involving a child or a vulnerable adult, which is a felony.

In response to this development, officials with Valleywise Health issued the following statement on Aug. 28:

Meanwhile, a judge has set a $10,000 secured appearance bond for all three suspects. The three are scheduled to be arraigned on Sept. 1.

Members of Gomez's family say they are taking legal action.

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Eric Anthony Espinoza