5-week-old puppy taken during home burglary in Scottsdale

Puppies were targeted at a house in the East Valley when a burglar who was grabbing items from a Scottsdale home on Tuesday nabbed a five-week-old puppy.

The burglary happened on Tuesday in broad daylight near 87th Street and Indian School Road. The homeowner isn't sure if she forgot to lock the door, or if the burglar forced his way in. Either way, several things were taken. It's that puppy that concerns her now.

"The dogs, they have my heart," said Sandy Cahanes, who is a dog foster caregiver.

The puppy was snatched from the bathroom floor.

"Momma gave birth to seven babies, and now, there is only six because they took one," said Cahanes.

The puppy is a lone female named Clarabelle.

"They took a life that probably won't live long," said Cahanes. "Not vaccinated, needs mom's milk. Its just sad."

Cahanes said the suspects also took the keys to a van, and they were trying to take it. The battery, however, was dead. Cahanes' neighbor saw a middle-aged blonde woman in a white SUV and a younger man in the area that day. and at one point, the neighbor heard a couple of honks, possibly a signal that it was time to go.

"What they wanted, I don't know," said Cahanes. "It wasn't worth what they did. It wasn't worth a puppy's life."

Cahanes hope whoever took the puppy will find the heart to bring her back home.

"We will pick it up, no questions asked. Meet wherever, and they can go on their way," said Cahanes. "The rest of the stuff, they can have. They can have it all."

Scottsdale Police officials said they have the burglary report, but no updates currently. Cahanes said there is one camera in the neighborhood but it apparently wasn't working at the time. There is a reward being offered through the "Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue Organization".