83-year-old woman battling to stay in her Guadalupe apartment

Just before Christmas, a grandmother who lives in federally-subsidized housing for low income tenants in Guadalupe faces eviction.

The problem 83-year-old Sandra Kiser had was too many cats, although she said she's doing her best to show the landlord she can be a good tenant.

Kiser is fighting to remain in the Itom A'e apartments for low-income senior citizens in Guadalupe.

"The problem is I have been evicted," said Kiser. "Notice of Eviction with no reason. Not stating in the notice and termination. No reason."

Kiser said she has lived in her federally-subsidized apartment since 2011. She said she was cited for having too many cats, but she gave some away and cleaned her apartment. Kiser now has just two.

Kiser said she also acknowledges that her neighbors have had a problem with her cats.

"I even remedied that by removing the cats," said Kiser.

The Itom A'e apartments are managed by Chicanos Por La Causa, which said it has been working with Sandra for over a year to resolve the situation.

Kiser's daughter, Tracy, said her mother would like to work things out.

"She does want to move forward and put the past behind her," said Tracy. "She's a good tenant and neighbor. That is her desire, and we all want that."

Kiser, meanwhile, fears what the future could hold. She said she does not have a place to go, nor any plans.

Officials with Chicanos Por La Causa, the organization thatmanages the complex, said it has reached a deal with Kiser to allow her to stay. The group said it is trying to balance the tenant's best interests with the interests of the rest of the residents.