9/11 school assembly focuses on first responders

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Many people remember where they were on September 11, but now, 17 years after that horrific day, there are students who have no living memory of what happened. With that in mind, many teachers are tasked with explaining the horror that day.

In Deidre Roberts' 3rd Grade class at Desert Mountain Elementary School in Queen Creek, kids born nine years after 9/11 are learning about that fateful day.

"Without them knowing, their lives have been changed before they were born because of this event," said Roberts.

Teachers and staff choosing to focus on the good, by telling the stories of the first responders who risked their lives to help others.

"Without going into too much detail because they are at a young age, we just kind of express to them that our first responders in our community are so important, and the reason why they're so important is because they are selfless and brave," said Roberts.

An assembly was held earlier on Tuesday to introduce kids to first responders in their own community.

"We went to the assembly, and then we went back in the class and talked about first responders and stuff," said Daniel.

"Because if we didn't have them, our lives wouldn't be as safe," said Amelia.

"Just knowing that those people in our everyday lives, are everyday heroes, those first responders are everyday heroes, we need to remember that," said Roberts.