AAA responding to more road assistance calls in Phoenix, due to the heat wave

While there is never a good time for a car to break down, but having a car break down in the middle of a heat wave is definitely one of the worst times.

The high temperatures are causing more issues for some drivers, and many of them are calling AAA for help. AAA's Roadside Assistance Division receives 500 to 700 calls per day from motorists in trouble during a normal week.

This week was different.

"Anywhere from 900 to 1,100 calls per day when were under an excessive heat warning," said Michelle Donati with AAA Arizona. "So far this week, we've been averaging more than a thousand calls per day."

The top calls received in the summer months are for issues involving batteries, tires and people locking their keys in the car. It is the long stretch of extreme heat that is taking its toll on people's vehicles this week.

"Anything over three days at 100, we see more cars overheating than they would normally," said Donati.

AAA road assistance crew can deal with most issues, such as flat tires, car lockouts, and dead batteries. If it's more serious, they tow members vehicles. The company expects to respond to about 170,000 calls for help this summer, across Arizona. Donati urges drivers to prepare for the extreme heat, and lower the risk and danger of getting stuck with a broken down vehicle.

"If you haven't had a complete vehicle inspection yet this summer, it's not too late get your vehicle checked out have a thorough inspection," said Donati.