ADOT: Be on alert for phony email scam demanding traffic ticket payment

(Photo: ADOT)

The Arizona Department of Transportation says consumers should be on the alert for a phony email scam that has been spotted in the Yuma region.

Some residents received an email that appears to be from the "Department of Motor Vehicles" demanding they pay a fine for a civil traffic violation within 48 hours or risk being arrested.

The agency says it's a hoax. For one, they're officially known as the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division, not the Department of Motor Vehicles. The MVD is not a law enforcement agency and has no authority to enforce traffic violations. 

“We don’t send notifications that look like traffic citations,” said MVD Stakeholder Relations Manager Jennifer Bowser-Richards. “Consumers may get emails or other communications from the MVD regarding such things as vehicle registration renewals or updates about new services we provide, but we don’t enforce traffic violations or other criminal matters. If you see an email claiming that you owe money to the MVD for a traffic violation, please report it to law enforcement.”