ADOT gets approval for Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway

It's been in the works for decades, but now it is a reality; the Loop 202 freeway is expanding.

The final portion of the Loop 202, South Mountain Freeway, was approved Tuesday and construction is scheduled to begin in about nine months.

But of more concern for homeowners and property owners along the route in Ahwatukee is the fact that they will soon be selling their homes to ADOT in weeks.

The proposed route is a 22 mile stretch of freeway that connects the I-10 and the Loop 202 San Tan Freeway in Ahwatukee to the I-10 in the west valley. It will run east and west along Pecos where it then continues north to the I-10 ending between 55th and 63rd Avenue.

The route will impact hundreds of homes and businesses in the area and that is not sitting well with some groups of residents.

ADOT said almost 400 properties are in the way, some are excited the government will buy out their home, others are planning lawsuits.

By law, ADOT is required to pay the market value for the properties and to provide help with relocation assistance to those displaced.

"Personally my wife and I are excited about it, we're planning to build a small house and travel the country," said Sean Brooks.

Other neighbors say they are concerned about congestion, pollution, and the impact on the environment.

"We have children in danger, we have the mountain in danger, we have a lot of things. We expect we have a 95% chance of stopping it," said Pat Lewis.

It's clear now that the effort is underway to fight the freeway construction. If it moves forward, construction will begin in 2016; it should be open to traffic by 2019 and 2020.

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