ADOT is ready, prepared for winter in Arizona

The first significant snowfall in Arizona last year was towards the end of November, so it could be right around the corner and the Arizona Department of Transportation wants you to know snow, because they do.

"ADOT has 200 plows across the state," Ryan Harding said.

Those ADOT plows are ready to get to work, clearing snow like they did along State Route 260.

"We have our tow plows out here this is one of our two tow plows," Harding said.

These mean machines can do the job of two snowplows at once. They work along Interstate 40 between Williams and Flagstaff.

WINSLOW, ME - NOVEMBER 2: Winslow police officers help a woman who got stuck in the snow on a hill after stopping for the two vehicle accident, at right, on the China Road on Sunday, November 2, 2014. Police said there were no injuries in the acciden

"We keep prepared year-round a lot of our snowplows are well maintained throughout the year," Harding said. "They can double as dump trucks in the offseason and then a lot of our certified drivers, they'll do training, they do refresher courses, so they're ready to go."

ADOT has 400 certified drivers ready to jump behind-the-wheel. As soon as the snow starts falling, they'll salt the roads and when it really picks up, they're plowing to try to keep accidents from taking place.

The agency is reminding drivers to stay back and let them do their job, safely. To be prepared if you do head up North, keep much-needed supplies in the car all winter long.

"And that can include things like warm blankets, extra clothing, food and water, medicine, cell phone[sic], things like that," Harding said. "Things you might need in case you get stuck on the highway because of heavy snow or a crash."

ADOT updates any and all information about road conditions, so you can call AZ511, but they're really great with updating all of their social media outlets and website.