After weekend jaguar attack, people still going to Wildlife World Zoo in the West Valley

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- It's a story that has gained worldwide attention over the weekend, when a woman the selfie was attacked by a jaguar.

The woman says she was actually leaning over the barrier when the big cat's paw came through the fence and caught her arm. While many have railed against the woman on social media, Wildlife World Zoo says it has accepted her apology, would welcome her back to the zoo.

Zoo officials are also planning some changes to the jaguar exhibit.

"Yes, we are absolutely going to change the exhibit to ensure we do our part to make sure our guests are safe, and nothing like this can happen," said Kristy Morcom with Wildlife World Zoo.

Hundreds flocked to the zoo on Monday, and many had heard of the incident. Pirkko Pentilla brought her six-year-old daughter, and they did go to the jaguar exhibit.

"I would say it's quite safe," said Pentilla. "There's an initial barrier, and a fence six to eight feet in between. As long as you respect that first barrier, it's perfectly safe. There's a certain amount of care you need to take when visiting wild animals. It's just common sense."

The woman who was clawed isn't comfortable with it being called an attack. She says the jaguar did not show aggression, and says it was a crazy accident and admits she made a stupid choice