'Alligator' at Mesa park now joined by 'hippos'

The infamous ‘alligator’ at Riverview Park in Mesa now has some company.

We first reported about the fake gator spotted floating around the lake at Riverview Park on Feb. 8. The gator apparently looked so real, that Mesa Police officials said they are getting 911 calls about them.

On Feb. 14, we learned that ‘hippos’ have joined the ‘alligator,' with two fake hippos now at the East Valley park.

To some, the animals looked real.

"Do you think it's real?" we asked Jeanette Sanchez.

"I think so," Sanchez replied. "I saw it on TikTok."

For others, however, there’s no question that the new additions won’t be moving on their own anytime soon.

"It’s pretty obvious that you can just look at him and go, 'oh yeah, they're fake' because obviously a hippo is not going to be over here. Not enough room," said Zachary Ballor.

The ‘animals’ are all for the ducks and turtles, as the fake hippos and the fake alligator provide a good place for real animals at the lake to soak in the Arizona sunshine during the day, and take a nap at night.

The animal platforms are now being enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

"It'll bring people together more," said Madisen Stewart. "Almost like a zoo, but it's not a zoo. It’s a park.