'Alligator' freakout: People calling 911 after seeing fake gator in lake at Mesa park

There’s some fear and confusion at a park in Mesa, where a fake alligator is now prompting calls to police.

We first reported about the fake gator spotted floating around the lake at Riverview Park on Feb. 8. The gator apparently looked so real, that Mesa Police officials say they are getting 911 calls about them.

"I'm at Riverview Park and I think there's an alligator," said one 911 caller. "No, it's just kind of hanging out."

"Yeah, there's like three live alligators in here," said another 911 caller.

"You said there's three of them?" a 911 dispatcher asked.

"Yeah, There's one under the bridge. Right now, I'm just looking at one that's swimming around," the caller replied.

One person even claimed the gator bit a fishing line.

"It actually bit my boyfriend's fishing line, and we had to cut it," said the caller.

Mesa city officials want everyone to know the reptiles are made of foam, and are not real. They were put in the lake to give birds and turtles a place to hang out, and soak up some sun. They're meant to help the turtle population, which often struggle to reach the shore.

The City of Mesa is expected to add a couple of foam hippos to the lake in the next few weeks.