Ambiente: Adults-only luxury resort now open in Sedona

A project that's been six years in the making is ready for you to come to stay, relax, and unwind – welcome to Ambiente.

Nestled in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Ambiente is a landscape hotel nestled on a three-acre property, with 40 glass atriums that bring nature to your bedside.

Sedona locals Jennifer May and Coleen Tebrake created the concept from the ground up with the rest of their family. The sisters say they wanted the property to be completely different from anything Sedona has ever seen – and that it is.

"What we wanted to do was something completely different, that was a totally different product for this area," May said. "People come here to see the red rock views, they come here to experience the red rocks, they come here to hike and mountain bike, and really be out in nature. So we thought, why not bring nature into their atrium? Why not make this the focus, the nature that's surrounding you? Rather than trying to build a hotel where your experience is in the hotel, we wanted the hotel to be in the environment and the environment to kind of come into your space."

The adults-only boutique hotel is geared toward couples. Each atrium is complete with a king-sized bed, a dual soaking rub, in-room wine and beer dispensers, and yummy local snacks to cure any sweet tooth.

"All of the atriums are elevated up on piers, they're at different levels," May added. "We took a lot of care when we built the place to make sure that we could offer the most amount of privacy that we could, so when we started with one atrium, we went to the site for the next atrium, and we actually stood up on ladders and platforms to try to see 'OK, let's angle this one a little to the left and let's go up 2 feet,' so that way you have total privacy from the atrium next to you.

And if the snacks aren't cutting it, you can head to Forty 1 for a unique and authentically local chef-prepared meal. Handcrafted meals include red curry butternut squash soup, tequila citrus seared prawns, seared scallops, and much more. Most, if not all the ingredients are sourced locally.

"Seasonal menu that we'll rotate regularly depending on what we have locally sourced, and you have an opportunity to taste a piece of Sedona every time you come here,"

And you can't forget the drinks.

All of your meals and cocktails can be enjoyed indoors or by the pool.

If you'd like to call this oasis in the desert for a few days, you're in luck – it is now open. 

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