Arby's fires manager, suspends clerk after alleged refusal to serve cop

Arby's has fired one employee and suspended a second worker after a Florida police officer was allegedly denied service for being a cop. The company fired 22-year-old manager Angel Mirabal and suspended 19-year-old clerk Kenneth Davenport.

Pembroke Pines Police Sgt. Jennifer Martin was told that an employee didn't want to serve her for being a police officer, according to a police report. The report said that a manager told Martin that employee Kenny Davenport didn't want to serve her because she's a police officer. The manager also reportedly laughed and said that Davenport was allowed to refuse service. Martin said she was worried about the condition of her food and got a refund.

Dade County Police Benevolent Association had called for a national boycott of the fast food chain until the employees involved were terminated.

"It is beyond comprehension and deeply troubling that a business would deny service to a law enforcement officer just for being a law enforcement officer […] This is yet another example of the hostile treatment of our brave men and women simply because they wear a badge. It is unacceptable and warrants much more than an apology. We support our brothers and sisters who wear the badge in Broward County and across the United States. Until corrective action is taken and the employees involved in this incident are terminated, we are calling for a national boycott of Arby's," Florida and Dade County PBA president John Rivera said in a statement.

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