Arcadia Color Garden Nursery hopes to raise awareness of bee importance

For folks at the Arcadia Color Garden Nursery, plants are life, but they couldn't do business without the so very important pollinators.

"We do grow a lot of crops... basically essential in getting those to produce fruit," Bruce Solomon said.

Critical to continuing the circle of life for vegetation, pollinators, like bees, aren't shooed away but rather welcomed. Bruce says you can help attract more pollinators too by planting certain crops.

"Zenyas and other flowers, vegetables like cucumbers and squash -- those all attract bees and pollinators," he said.

Worried about planting in the heat? Don't be, Bruce says, like humans, many plants acclimate to their environment.

"Our plants are adapted to the heat because they have to stay in it all the time... that's the key to success," he said.

But also like humans, they need a lot of water. Bruce recommends watering newly-planted crops everyday, then developing an incremental pattern with the hope of attracting more pollinators.

"Then we can start backing off, and so on," he said.