Arizona abortion ruling places state among strictest in US, residents react

Today the Arizona Supreme Court came down with a ruling that will implement a near-total ban on abortion across the state with an exception for mothers whose lives are in danger mid-pregnancy.

Politicians across the state - and country - issued their thoughts on the ruling with mixed emotions on the law that has origins dating back to 1864. Now Arizonans are reacting.

Resident David Mitchell supports the ruling.

"It's terrible, absolutely, what may happen to some women in this world, but I don't believe that makes up for the right of the child to live," he said.


Arizona abortion law: What to know as near-total ban from 1864 is restored by state supreme court

A new ruling from the Arizona Supreme Court means that abortion will soon be mostly banned in Arizona as a result of a 19th century law. Here's what to know about the ruling, and what could happen in the future that can change the situation once again.

Others like Cyndie Mathers said that politicians have no place in deciding what happens to a woman's body.

"I've been on both sides, you know. I placed a child for adoption and I was assaulted when I was a teenager and had to choose the other thing, the abortion," she said.

"I think it's a sad day for Arizona. Really sad day for Arizona."

The decision placed Arizona among the strictest in regards to abortion laws among battleground states ahead of the November election. Organizations in Arizona that carry out abortions have two weeks until the law goes into effect.

Gabrielle Goodrick from Camelback Family Planning is concerned for her patients.

"I think everyone should be very concerned," she said. "This is going to cause an incredible disruption in getting patients the healthcare they need. It's scary, damaging, confusing and it's completely unnecessary."

Camelback Family Planning says they have not seen an influx of calls but they expect more to come through, especially from patients that are already in their care.