Arizona family shares adoption story for National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month, and one Valley family is sharing their adoption story in hopes that others will find it in their hearts to do the same.

Kathleen Skogen and her husband's first foster baby was born addicted - just like so many of the babies she cuddled during her time volunteering at the NICU of a Thunderbird hospital.

"He was our first foster baby and we've had 20 foster babies since," said Skogen.

Today, thanks to his parents' love, Caiden is thriving. But the Skogens know that so many other children are not being given that chance.

Skogen says there are around 18,000 foster kids in Arizona.

"That's disheartening that there's that many kids without a permanent home - without even a foster home," said Skogen's husband.

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The foster mom says that her experience has been incredibly rewarding.

"It's really important if you find it in your heart to adopt, then look into it," she said, "It is so rewarding, we never thought we would adopt...the kids are welcoming and were very happy."

Several of the children they are fostering have serious medical needs, including one baby who has to be fed through a feeding tube every 90 minutes around the clock.

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