Arizona home to Grumpy Cat, and now a Grumpy Dog

Meet Rojo, an animal with a winning frown.

Rojo is getting a lot of comments on social media for his grumpy looks, he was dropped off at MCAC last month.

"We posted his photo on our chitown Facebook page, and got a lot of people saying hey he looks like grumpy cat, only a dog," said Melissa Gable.

Now Rojo needs a new home.

"He was surrendered by his owner because they couldn't afford to take care of him, and no one has adopted him," said Gable.

Meet the competition, a different grumpy dog out of Iowa named Earl, he's been capturing a lot of attention on social media too.

"We thought our grumpy dog is just as grumpy as Earl," said Gable.

It seems Rojo is in the running to grab Earl's title. MCAC workers point out Rojo has his own unique and feisty look.

"Totally better than Earl, Earl's a pug, he's a puggle I think, and Rojo is a chihuahua, maybe some min pin," she said.

Rojo goes up for adoption Friday, in the hopes of finding a forever home.

"Thing is he's adoptable, so he needs a home, so someone could adopt him and he wouldn't be so grumpy," said Gable.

If more than one family shows up wanting to adopt Rojo a raffle will be held. The winner will get to adopt the dog with an attitude who has also got plenty of love to give to a new family.