Arizona Humane Society cares for dogs rescued from house fire

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After Thursday's house fire near 20th Street and Southern, Phoenix fire and the Arizona Humane Society recovered 30 dogs, a mix of adult Chihuahua-mix dogs and 6-week-old puppies.

Sadly, two dogs and one puppy were found dead inside the home. Twenty-three others were taken in and transported to the Second Chance Animal Trauma Center, where four small puppies still remain in serious condition.

"We do have four that are still under the care of the trauma hospital, so we just want to keep a close eye on them," said Bretta Nelson, of the Arizona Humane Society. "The puppies are up there, as well. We're just keeping our eyes on them for any respiratory conditions that may come up."

But given the horrible experience, these canines seem to be doing well.

"I think everybody's doing remarkably well," Nelson said. "Probably a little bit scared, as you can imagine, but they've got very cushy comforts here at the Arizona Humane Society, so they're in a good place."