Arizona man accused of giving his kids laughing gas

A Yavapai County man is accused of getting high on laughing gas with his 12 and 13-year-old boys.

Deputies say it happened last week on June 4 while Ryan Belknap took his two boys four-wheeling in the Ash Fork area.

The boys were reportedly visiting him at the time.

Deputies say one of the boys passed out and was not given medical attention. Authorities say they found large canisters of nitrous oxide at Belknap's home in Cornville and balloons that are used to inhale the drug.

Ryan Belknap

"The mother learned of the incident(s) from her 16-year-old daughter who was not involved, but who saw a potentially incriminating video taken by one of the boys while out with the suspect showing them inhaling the gas from a balloon," the sheriff's office said. "The mother and daughter confronted the suspect who allegedly admitted to providing laughing gas to the boys."

He's been booked into jail on suspicion of child abuse and several drug-related charges.