Arizona mother sentenced to prison for murder, child abuse of her 16-month-old daughter

An Arizona mother who was found guilty of murder in the death of her 16-month-old daughter has been sentenced to prison.

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell announced on Jan. 23 that 48-year-old Denise Janelle Snow-Ingram was sentenced to 37 years for the 2013 death of her child.

"Evidenced presented at trial showed that at 16-months, the girl weighed less than nine pounds," the attorney's office said in a news release. "She was fed only oatmeal, watered-down apple juice, and some fruit while being offered no source of protein or calcium after breastfeeding was stopped."

Last November, Snow-Ingram was found guilty of second-degree murder and child abuse. Snow-Ingram was sentenced to 20 years and 17 years, respectively, with the sentences to be served consecutively.

Denise Snow-Ingram

Denise Snow-Ingram

"The defendant allowed her daughter to physically waste away because of her neglect and mistreatment. No child should be treated this way," Mitchell said. "While this little girl is no longer with us, I hope she knows, and her siblings know, that there were people committed to fighting for justice for her."

The child's father was sentenced to prison for manslaughter and child abuse in 2022.