Arizona Snowbowl's opening delayed due to warm temps

Arizona Snowbowl officials say the ski park will not open on Friday due to warm temperatures.

Officials with the ski park say due to the warm temps, they have not been able to make enough snow to open on Friday as scheduled. The park hopes to open during Thanksgiving week, as colder temperatures are in the forecast.

"Our snow guns have been running at every available opportunity," General Manager J.R. Murray said. "Snowbowl's opening date will be announced once we have made sufficient snow to provide the best possible ski product."

Snowbowl opened Nov. 19 last year and didn't close until May 7, which the company says is the longest season on record.

"We're not expecting natural snow to fall from the sky to allow us to open," said Murray. "This is totally going to be snow making, and that's OK. That's what the system is designed for and that's what we are prepared for."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.