Arizona students come together for unique aerospace competition

Some of the brightest minds in the state of Arizona are participating in a very unique competition.

"This is the Honeywell Fiesta Bowl Aerospace Challenge," Andy Western said. "We have over 1,000 students from all over Arizona here. It's a stem competition, students are building a base and have to figure out how to get to that base, build that base on one of the moons of Mars."

"Every student that does this walks away learning something, whether they've learned how to build on fundamental skills of time management, or research, or writing," Maureen Callaghan said "Maybe brush up on some of their math equations, everybody walks away being better for participating in it."

"We have our module, it is color coordinated for the 10 years of the base and this is what the astronauts would be living on," Tanner said.

"Well, this is my second year doing this project, so it really took a lot of critical thinking and my team really helped because each member has their own ideas and all of those ideas come together to make a wonderful base," Catie said.

"We used a lot of stem, which is science, technology, engineering, and math, and it's just been so much fun doing it for the second time," Isabelle said.

The winning team will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Space Camp in Alabama. The final round of judging will take place in early February.