Arizona teen still recovering from serious injuries 2 months after dirt bike accident

It has been two months since a Phoenix area teen was seriously hurt in a dirt bike accident.

Christian Fox, 14, was injured on Sept. 24 while riding a dirt bike at Arizona Cycle Park. His father, David Fox, was on his dirt bike when he saw his son take a fall.

"Christian rode his bike over a jump and lost his footing, falling off his bike outside the field of view of other oncoming bikers. To protect his son, Dave Fox ran over and stood in the path of the other approaching bikes. Several other bikes going over the jump landed on Christian because they could not see him. Both Dave and his son Christian were struck by multiple bikes at high speeds," read a statement released in the aftermath of the accident that described what happened.

Christian suffered a major head injury, and spent weeks in a coma. Part of Christian's skull had to be removed, and there were moments, when doctors didn't think he would make it.

"We were told, you know, now is the time to put him in hospice," said David. "Basically make him comfortable until he passes."

Since then, however, Christian has undergone therapies. Every little movement, from a shrug of the shoulder, to a wave of his hand, is, in itself, a miracle for Christian.

"Therapies were working with him," said David. "It would be ‘Christian, can you shake or move your hand for a yes?’ and then he did. Then, we would do it again, and he would, and again, and he would."

However, Christian was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis last week. He was put on more medication, and had to drain fluid from his brain.

"It's definitely been a moment of going 'uh-oh, we're going backward,'" said Lori. "We're not going backward. He is a fighter. He fights so hard."

Christian's parents are starting up a 40-day prayer challenge that ends on Christmas Eve, with a hope to have him home for Christmas.

"During a time of sorrow or despair, we want to bring life and faith and hope and love," said Lori.

Others from across the country and around the world are also praying for Christian.

"We have somebody in every state, and I think 20 countries," said Davis. "There are a couple more, I'm hearing, from Africa, Turkey, and a few others."

Prayer, for the Fox family, is their greatest hope.

"It helps us going through a hard time, not having him home with us, but knowing there's so many others out there praying and the community reaching out to us, it certainly helps us get through it," said Lori.