Teenage dirt bike rider in Anthem badly injured in crash has community rallying around his family

An Anthem family is keeping their spirits and hopes high as their 14-year-old son fights for his life following a dirt bike crash.

Christian's father, David Fox, was on his dirt bike when he saw his son take a fall at Arizona Cycle Park. He ran over to protect his son.

A press release detailed the crash, saying, "Christian rode his bike over a jump and lost his footing, falling off his bike outside the field of view of other oncoming bikers. To protect his son, Dave Fox ran over and stood in the path of the other approaching bikes. Several other bikes going over the jump landed on Christian because they could not see him. Both Dave and his son Christian were struck by multiple bikes at high speeds."

Christian suffered a major head injury.

"Currently in a coma," David said. "Today’s a good day because he’s breathing on his own, for the most part."

He says the Fox family believes in the power of prayer.

"He’s strong, he’s a fighter, he’s a warrior. We believe in the power of prayer, and we know that there are people all over praying for him," David said.

Prayers, a GoFundMe, and a car wash fundraiser by Anthem Rotary are the community’s attempts at helping the family during the most difficult time they’ve ever faced.

Christian Fox

The family lives in Anthem, a neighborhood of Phoenix.

"It's incredible what the Anthem community does when something like this …, " began President-Elect of the Anthem Rotary Club, Joseph Alvarez. " … David and his family are one of our own and that’s what Anthem Rotary is about. We're going to take care of our own."

The community is trying to help financially while the family focuses on Christian, their little boy who loves dirt bikes, Marvel Comics, and making new friends.

"They say he won't be able to breathe again on his own. He won't be able to walk again or talk again, but we're seeing him. We're seeing movements. I mean, we pray over him every day, and he squeezes his mom’s hand. So we know that he’s there. We know it’s just going to take time," David said.

The car wash will be held Saturday, Oct. 15 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Legends Bar and Grill in Anthem at 3655 W Anthem Way in Anthem.