Arizona Theatre Company in desperate need of donations

Arizona Theatre Company is a non-profit organization that's put on thousands of plays for the past decade inside the Herberger Theater Center, right in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

But that could soon change if they don't get the money they need by Friday.

"We haven't gone out with an appeal saying we really need this money or we can't continue since 1988, which is nearly 30-years-ago, so this is, this is serious," David Ira Goldstein said.

Goldstein is the artistic director with Arizona Theatre Company and he says they need $2 million by the end of this week.

"It's a large amount, we realize, we're reaching out to every corner of the community that we can," he said.

As a non-profit, 70 percent of the income is earned while 30 percent relies on donations, which is exactly what they're in need of.

"That's so we can keep ticket prices affordable, and so we can provide services to 30,000 students on top of our main stage programming every year," Goldstein said.

Goldstein hopes the $2 million threshold can bet met this week so they can still celebrate their 50th anniversary season.

"I know how you can have a final dress rehearsal where the set falls down and the costumes split open and the lights don't work, and then you can come through on opening night and have a brilliant performance, so I'm not saying that the sets have fallen down and the costumes are splitting at the seems, but we're hopeful," he said. "I'm always hopeful."

If you would like to make a donation to Arizona Theatre Company, click here.