Arizonans react to some of the new laws that are going into effect in Arizona

Hundreds of laws now in effect across Arizona, and Arizonans are weighing in.

One of the laws deal with unemployment benefits. Arizonans who don't take pretty much any job after being jobless for at least four weeks will lose their unemployment benefits.

"I'm kinda on defense because I'm really picky myself, but I wouldn't want to apply for a job that I don't want to work," said one woman, identified only as "LA".

"If they offer you a job, you should take it," said one man, identified only as "Lino". "It could be temporary, permanent."

"I think it's hard to discriminate against it, depending on whoever you're talking to, whatever their situation is," said one woman, identified only as "Charisse."

"Me for instance, I do things financial or retail or sales. I'm not a good candidate for working at Pei Wei. I'm slow I take my time doing things, so I'm not a person for fast-paced occupations," said LA.

Another law that's now in effect: anyone caught with a fake service dog will be fined $250.

"I agree. Good law," said one woman, identified only as "Tam". :In particular because you are lying to the community. You are lying to the people around you, and there are people with allergies."

"Animals get off the plane with us, and what if someone has allergies or something, so I don't think these animals should just be everywhere with the general population," said LA.

And, for the first time ever in Arizona, there is now a legal minimum age for marriage. Now, one needs to be at least 16 years old, but you will still need parental permission if you're younger than 18.

"I don't think you should be getting married when you're that young, so that's pretty crazy," said Charisse.

"They can't get a cell phone without their parents signing off, they shouldn't be able to get married," said Tam.

"I think that's a good idea," said one woman, identified only as "Dani". "If I said, 'hey mom, I want to get married to my boyfriend right now', what would you say? Uh no."

Other laws in effect include a provision that people will now have pay an additional $4 per traffic ticket, and law enforcement will now have to review evidence of photo radar cameras before issuing a ticket.