Arizona's first mountain coaster is now open in Williams

High on the mountain top of Williams is a new adventure with many twists and turns.

Williams, a small town located along the Historic Route 66, draws in crowds from near and far. There are several stops along the way to choose from, and the town just got a bit more thrilling with the Canyon Coaster Adventure Park.

"Williams, Arizona is such a cute small town, family friendly town, so it fits for what we wanted to do," said the park's Managing Parther, Kim Voigt.

The park has the first and only mountain coaster in Arizona, and people can control their adventure while on the coaster.

"You hop on, and you control your own speed," said Voigt. "That's the cool thing about the mountain coaster that separates it from all the other type of coasters, so you're not getting banged around. If you feel like you're going too fast, just ease up on the handles, and it will slow you down."

Fast or slow, the one-mile (about 1.61 km) coaster allows the rider to experience a variety of features such as steep descents, dips, twists, hairpin turns and 360-degree cork screws all while enjoying the beautiful mountainside scenery.

"The most beautiful part for me is when you get up to the top, it is spectacular. You can see the whole town of Williams. It's absolutely beautiful," said Voigt.

Depending on a rider's speed preference, they can be down the hill in about seven to 10 minutes.

"The carts get up to about 27, 30 miles an hour," said Voigt. "There are called smart cars. So what's really cool is when a car goes out in front of you, the one your on, it reads your car. So when you come within 80 feet from that other car, it automatically slows you down, so you don't have to worry about bumping another car."

Once a person is off the coaster, more adventure awaits, like mountain hill tubing, where no snow is needed.

"It's 400 feet," said Voigt. "We have a conveyer belt that takes you up. It's like a flat escalator that take your tube. There's no walking, that's what's really cool. It takes you right to the top of the hill. You put your tune down, and you can choose one of the four lanes, and that one is very, very fun."

During the winter, the hill will transform into a snow tubing experience.

The park is open seven days a week, year round, and there are already plans to add much more to the 21-acre (about 8.5 hectare) property.

Canyon Coaster Adventure Park

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