ASU Chandler Innovation Center helping small businesses in the Valley

In the heart of Downtown Chandler, entrepreneurs will find the Arizona State University Chandler Innovative Center. Established in 2013, ACIC pairs up start-up centric programming and resources with a one-of-a-kind workspace.

"We have resources, we have mentors, we can help you every step of the way, but you are really going to have to put in the work and that weeds out people who are ready, versus people who are not ready," said CEO Diana White.

White, a businesswoman herself, describes the Chandler Innovations incubator as a community or one-stop-shop for companies, founders and entrepreneurs who live, work, or own property in Chandler that have innovative ideas.

There are other companies, a myriad of companies, from people who are making innovations in walker technology, to people who are developing platforms for nurses and other health professionals, to be able to upload their credentials better all different types of technologies," she said.

White and her team lead what they describe as a three-track program, and they teach everything from operations and funding to hiring and marketing.

ACIC houses Hub249, a membership-based, do-it-yourself maker space with tools, equipment, design software and classes available to the greater community as well as ASU faculty, staff and students.

Applicants have to be accepted into the programs and then are granted a scholarship from the City of Chandler. White says it's all part of an effort to build a technology-driven business community in the East Valley, like Pro Care Portal, which Jack Liu is the CEO of.

"For us, in particular you know, I'm a tech founder, so more often than not I'm really just focused on product development and what Chandler Innovations brings to us is it actually provides resources and the framework to actually take, you know, make the business a higher priority, which it needs to be," he said.

"Very recently, we opened up, I received a call from another city to the East of us, asking if they could tour this," said Mayor Kevin Hartke. "We opened the doors, showed them everything. It really sparked some ideas for them to see ways they can kind of in-treat their community out there as well."

"I get excited every single time. Every new company is amazing. You think every idea can be invented and  thought of already and then you meet someone and say. 'whoa, I could not have even imagined that' so it's exciting every day," said White.

Getting excited about what you do and having a passion for business is just one of the things White says drives success.

ASU Chandler Innovation Center