ASU E-Sports team prepares for semi finals

One Arizona State University team is on track to be the best in the country.

We are not talking football, basketball, or any collegiate sport played on a field or court.

They're a team of players in a sport called E-Sports.

This weekend ASU's team is competing in the National Gaming Semi-Finals against colleges from around the country.

The team is comprised of seven competitive video gamers, but Thursday they met for the first time in person.

Their playing field is a virtual world, and now they're competing together for $450,000 in scholarship money.

They call themselves the Dream Team, but they are not star athletes, but their game may put them on the path to fame.

"Balancing life and playing the game is hard, we are literally putting in close to 50-60 hours a week," said Kyle Noble.

It's a growing industry with fans selling out auditoriums just to watch the gamers battle it out on the screens.

"We aren't making Michael Jordan money; we aren't even making practice squad money," said Noble.

But the student team could win nearly half a million in scholarship money, if they win the "Heroes of the Dorm Collegiate E-Sports Tournament." They've made it to the semi-finals in Los Angeles where there will be a live audience watching.

"When all five of us are master level players you have a good shot at winning," he said.

Their prize is more than free tuition; there's also the recognition in the world of gaming where some may consider them heroes.

"If we make it to the grand finals, that's amazing to me," said Noble.

The team will play in Los Angeles this Sunday at the Shrine Auditorium. ESPN 2 will air the match starting at 6:30 in the evening.