ASU move-in day brings the heat to new students

TEMPE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - A new year for students at Arizona State University and mother nature has brought a welcoming gift in the form of heat.

"I was told about the heat, but it's different once you actually get here," ASU student Rachel Moore said.

With students coming in from Minnesota to Arizona.

"It's hot in Minneapolis; it's maybe 80, so yeah, I'm not used to this," she said.

However, families had some help to move stuff up into Taylor Place.

"Yes, it's hot out here, but we're all having fun," Assistant Dean of Students Ronald Briggs said. "We have professional movers who are helping them move things up. The only thing we don't do is decorate."

The professional movers were a welcomed surprised to some.

"Shocked, totally shocked!" Vicky Murray, a parent, exclaimed. "We had no idea we'd have all this help; makes you want to come back to college! Yeah, it does!"

The first morning of a several day event, ASU move-in day lasts all weekend.